I'm not as think as you drunk i am

Why do we drink? How do we drink? Who determines how we define our collective drinking culture?

I'm Not as Think as you Drunk I Am is an evening-length work exploring the complex relationships young American adults develop with alcohol. Pushing back on the dominant narratives portrayed online, in social media and through traditional media outlets, this work takes a deeper, more intimate look at how young adults define and refine their own drinking practices.  

Building from the personal narratives of six dance artists, I'm Not as Think as you Drunk I Am weaves personal stories with published research on young adult drinking behavior. Wild, raw and steeped with dark humor, this work moves beyond the “big house party” portrayal of young adult drinking to share the more intimate and ever-evolving relationships young adults have with alcohol.

Next Performance: Oct. 12 - 13, 2017 @ Mesa Arts Center

Participating Artists:

  • Dance: Jessica Rajko (Facilitator/Choreographer), Felix Cruz, Jordan Daniels, Sydney Jackson, Elisa Radcliffe, Juan Rodriguez
  • Music Composition: Robin Vining, DJ Fabiulous
  • Guest Performance: Audra Carlisle, Abelardo Gil, Geordi Helmick, Roddy Nikpour, Steven Redondo
  • Local Band/DJ Performances: Treasure Mammal, Sweet Bleeders, DJ Fabiulous

PREMIER @ Crescent Ballroom, Nov 12, 2015 -- EVENT PRESS RELEASE