Me, My Quantified Self, And I

How do we perform data, and how does data perform us?
Our lives are increasingly entangled in digital spaces, yet we struggle to find common understandings of what it means to live digital lives. Me, My Quantified Self, and I offers a tangible experience of our digital world by asking “How do we perform data, and how does data perform us?” Pushing back against clean, minimalistic, cyborg aesthetics, this work reimagines our digital world as the messy, cluttered, complicated ecosystem it is.

The full experience of this work includes both a participatory installation and 60-minute dance/theatre performance. 

This work is created in partnership with the Border Quants research collective.


Participating Artists

Photo by Alonso Parra

Photo by Alonso Parra

Artistic Director: Jessica Rajko
Dancers and Co-Creators: Lacee Garcia, Sydney Jackson, Sharon McCaman, Elisa Radcliffe, Juan Rodriguez
Crochet Performance: The Needlewielders
Sound Design and Performance: Tony Obr, Lauren Hayes
Text: Raji Ganesan, Jessica Rajko, and Dancers
Laser Design: Francisco Flores
Haptic Design: Lauren Hayes, Jessica Rajko
Rehearsal Assistant: Felix Cruz


PNT Preview Piece   
ASU Now Article    
Event Press Release


Me, My Quantified Self, and I (Full Premiere)
Unexpected Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, February 10 - 12, 2017
Friday, Feb 10: Guest Performance Jeepneys + White Boy Scream
Saturday, Feb 11: Post-show discussion with Border Quants
Sunday, Feb 12: Free One-on-One Cyber-Consultations

Breaking Ground Contemporary Dance Festival (Excerpts) 
Tempe Center for the Arts, Tempe, AZ, Jan. 28, 2017

Fall Forward Dance Concert (Excerpts) 
Galvin Playhouse, Tempe, AZ, Sep. 30 - Oct. 2

Photo by Alonso Parra

Photo by Alonso Parra

funding and support

This work is generously supported by the ASU Human Security Collaboratory, Global Security Initiative, Tempe Cultural Council, the Vibrant Cities Grant, and the ASU Program for Transborder Communities Seed Grant. "Me, My Quantified Self, and I" is also part of the "Vibrant Lives" project, which is supported by the ASU School of Arts, Media and Engineering's Synthesis Center