Vlog #1: Critical Play / by Jessica Rajko

The following vlog is in response to Jacque Wernimont's blog post about our presentation of Vibrant Lives' DataPLAY at FemTechNet's signal/noise conference, held in Ann Arbor, MI. After our session, I found myself curious about the various ways in which people, disciplines, and practices come to understand play. Coincidentally, this became a focal point of both Jacque's blog, and Alexandra Juhasz's response. This led me to contextualize the concept of critical play from the perspective of a dancer/movement practitioner. This vlog is more of a personal response grounded in practice, versus one grounded in theory. I do this in part to honor movement practices as a place of rigorous research and to (for myself) consider what it means to articulate purely from a place of practice-based understanding.

Source: https://vimeo.com/163733467